meet sarah

15443082_10104778159991038_6998462184543380028_oI am married to my best friend and I live in Wash Park in Denver with our 1 year old daughter Eva. I’m a CPA and former Executive who is now spending some time at home with our little girl.  I’m the daughter of 2 amazing Texans – one of whom is a fantastic cook who can create a delicious meal out of nothing and never uses a recipe.  My passions are cooking and finances, nothing gets me more excited than helping someone come up with a plan and a budget!  I have no formal training as a chef, I just love to cook.  I am allergic to gluten, cow’s milk, corn, eggs, and oats and this blog is where I share my recipes I have developed over the years for great meals that everyone, even those without diet restrictions, can enjoy.

One thought on “meet sarah

  1. vickie saunders August 30, 2013 at 9:31 am Reply

    how did you find out you were allegeric to oats? I thought they were gluten free?? I need to read more…….

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